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Mark Torrence - IGP3 front half decoy

Mark Torrance.jpg

Mark Torrence was born and raised in Fort Washington, Md of the Washington, D.C. Area


I belong to Commonwealth Working Dog club. I am the club training director and helper.


I also belong to Southern Maryland Working Dogs. I am the current club President and Helper at Southern Maryland Working Dogs as well.


In 2013 I worked the GSDCA-WDA Nationals. At the Nationals I was selected as one of the helpers for tryouts for the WUSV WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in 2013. After other tryouts and cuts, I was then selected to do the Front Half of the 2013 WUSV WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. To this date this is my greatest accomplishment. I worked over 100 dogs with and excellent rating from the judge.


I was also selected the very next year to do helper work for 2014 WUSV WORLD QUALIFIER for the back-half. Again, I received an excellent rating from the judge.


I was then selected to do the Back Half at the 2016 to GSDCA Nationals at Purina Farms. 


That same year I also was selected for the front half at the 2016 WUSV World QUALIFIER in Illinois.


Later in 2016 I also did the front half of DVG NATIONALS. ALL with excellent and consistent ratings from the judge.


In 2021 I worked the GSDCA NATIONALS. I worked the Back Half, with over 30 dogs. I received an excellent rating from the judge.


In 2022 I did the Front Half of the DVG Regionals.

In 2023 I was the alternate for the GSDCA NATIONALS.


I take great pride in my Helper work. Also ensuring I’m always in top shape, so I can always work dogs safely, and to the best of my ability.


I wish all the competitors Good Luck and safe travels.


I want to thank my DVG Club Commonwealth Working Dogs for their constant support and training.


I would also like to thank Southern Maryland Working Dogs  for there constant support and training as well.

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