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Kevin Coombs - IGP1 and IGP 2 

Kevin C.jpg

I would like to thank the Helper Committee for the opportunity to be a helper at the DVG Nationals.  I have been in the sport since 2005 and have been hooked and working dogs from the beginning.  I have had the privilege of doing the back half helper work at a few National Events and numerous Regional Championships.  I love doing helper work and testing the dogs, and I also love competing with my own dogs. I really appreciate both sides of the sport and appreciate the hard work the handlers and helpers put into the sport. I wish everyone the best and I am excited to see the dogs this year competing.  

·         2010 South Central Regional Championship / SchH3 Back Half
·         2011 USCA Working Dog Championship / SchH3   Back Half Helper
·         2011 USCA Schutzhund Nationals / SchH3   Back Half helper
·         2012 USCA Schutzhund Nationals / Alternate Helper
·         2013 – Pacific Northwest Regional Championship / Front Half Helper
·         2016 – Pacific Northwest Regional Championship / Front Half Helper
·         2022 – AWDF / Helper for Sch 1, 2
·         2022 – DVG Nationals / Helper for Sch 1, 2

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