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Frank Bukowski


I am born in Elmshorn/ Germany

I am married to Karen Anne Bukowski and we both live in Germany. 

I am a retired Policeman from Hamburg, Dog handler and Chief Superintendent

My hobbies beside dog sport are family/ vintage car/ motorbikes. 


  • Membership since 1980

  • since 1996 dog club President

  • in 1992 appointment as a judge  

  • since 2016 chairman of the Hamburg Judges

  • since 2022 Vice chairman of the DVG association Hamburg

Dog Sport

I started dog sport with a Labrador. Simultaneously working as helper and as coach.

During this time, I have worked with 16 dogs!

(German Shephard/Rottweiler/Giant Schnauzer/Malinois) and have taken part in approx. 120 trials.

Seven of these dogs were police dogs.

4 Dogs I trained to search for narcotics, one dog was trained for TNT.

Currently I have two Malinois dogs. One dog is now 14 years old. Together we passed the IGP3, and several times the FH. Now I am enjoying training my eighteen months old Malinois and I look forward to competing in IGP.


I have judged over 300 trials since becoming a judge, among them various championships. In 2018 I had the honor of judging the DVG Nationals in Little Rock, USA which was a great pleasure and experience!

I also looking forward to judging the FMBB qualifier later this year in the U.K.

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