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Podium working dog club
opens their training facility for competitors to practice during the week of the Championship,
for those who are in need of a training field!

We will announce the official practice at the stadium once closer to the championship!
I will announce the time and day for sign-up!
DJI_0068 (2021_12_28 19_28_35 UTC).JPG

Podium Working Dog Club

Practice field for the 2023 DVG National Championship!

It is only for practice during the week, this is not the official stadium!!!!

137 Egypt Road

Kearneysville, WV 25430

Hardy - 571.643.2107

Sabine - 571.643.1213

We ask everyone training at the practice and event grounds to clean up after themselves and their dogs!


We will provide a dog walking area for you. There will be plenty of poop bags available for you to utilized, along with plenty of trash cans throughout the property.


We do have very nice neighbors, so please make sure you do not let your dog's go potty on their property. Thank you!

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