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We would like to encourage DVG members, member clubs, friends of the Schutzhund community, breeder and businesses to donate and contribute towards the 2023 DVG National Championship. Contributions to the event will help us to make this an exceptional DVG America National IGP Championship. 

We will have Banners made for each of our sponsors over $ 350. The banners will be hung throughout the event site for everyone to see. Your logo will be placed on the event webpage, and catalog, and also will be visible on social media sites like Facebook. 

We will also offer catalog advertising opportunities. Full page $75.00.

Our catalog advertiser will also get a special place on our webpage! 

$100 for catalog, webpage and Facebook advertising opportunities!

Click here to sponsor one of our National Championship trophies!

Breeder section!

It's a cool way to support the DVG National Championship. Advertise your kennel and breeding and get a spot in the catalog, on the National Championship webpage, as well as the 2023 DVG National Championship Facebook page! We will link your logo to your webpage or Facebook page as well! Full page of advertisement $100.00

Another way to help this Championship is to sponsor one of our 3 Judges. Help with the flight cost, hotel cost, food and beverages, and judges fee's. Donations are greatly welcome! You have a business, kennel or you are a breeder we gladly put your logo into our catalog, webpage and on Facebook. 

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