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Thank you to everyone who

sponsored one of the trophies for the 2023 DVG National Championship!

Much work goes into training your dog for the National Championship!

 We now can reward this hard work, time away from family and work, vacation time taken, and so much more with some beautiful trophies. 

Please let us know if you would like to sponsor the DVG Nationals in any other way.

We are still looking for help to cover the room expenses for our

3 Judges, 4 Track layers, Our Tracking Co-Ordinator, and our 3 Decoys.

We have set up a Pay Pal account if you like to donate towards these expenses.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Below are some of the trophies for the DVG National Championship.

They arrived safely from Germany!

High Tracking


High Obedience


High Protection


Helpers Choice IGP1, IGP2

Helpers Choice IGP3

Helpers Choice IGP1-2.jpg

High Female Dog

High Female Dog.jpg

National Champion Trophy

25.2 inches tall


High in Trial Trophy

20.1 inches Tall

2021_1-1 51cm.jpg
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